"Back in the mid-2000s there were three senior finished art freelancers Dublin ad agencies could rely on. One of them was me, and one of them was Dave. Dave had more studio management experience than I did, plus he's a much better guitarist than me."

Devin Doyle - Freelance Finished Artist

"Dave is a generous and supportive colleague. He has total attention to detail and a flair for highly creative visuals. I would recommend Dave instantly for finished art and graphic design work, and can assure anyone that working with Dave is a very enjoyable experience."

Regina Kealy - Senior Writer, Y&R (Formerly Hunter Red Cell) Dublin

"Dave can work with anyone and on anything without any fuss, He asks the right questions and takes the initiative when required. He's reliable and accurate. Hire Dave."

John Moore - Managing Director of Clickworks

"One of the best out there. Adaptable, quick and accurate. Top of my list for hiring in for Finished Art."

Neil O'Reilly - Creative Services at Irish International

"What are you doing Dave? This is highly irregular!"

Hal 9000 - Main Computer, Discovery Spaceship, Jupiter Mission

"Dave is one of those dream colleagues that will always help you out, no questions asked. After hours, Saturdays... he is team player and an asset to any studio or organisation. No deadline will be missed if Dave is on the job he is too much of a perfectionist. Every agency should have one."

Louise Leonard - Account Director, Irish International Proximity

"Dave is a pleasure to work with. He always delivered high quality work and his attitude is fantastic. He's happy to help with everything and no request can phase him. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave."

Louise Brogan - New Media Designer, Irish International Proximity